Roland GO:Series – Take Your Music With You

Roland GO:Series

How important is portability in your life? If you’re a musician on the go, the Roland GO:Series is your ideal travelling companion. From Smartphone audio mixers that produce broadcast quality audio to a lightweight but powerful portable piano, the Roland GO:Series is set to take the world by storm. 

Smartphone Mixers

We are living in the age of smartphones. They have replaced portable game devices, palm pilots and diaries. However, it is the use of smartphones as digital cameras that seem to be most significant of these replacements.

Every year, the camera’s on our smartphones are getting better and better. The one area limiting the use of smartphones has always been poor audio quality. Enter, the Roland GO:MIXER and GO:MIXER Pro. No longer will you have to record HD video with really poor audio quality.


If you want to add some class and quality to your social media streams, then you need the Roland GO:Mixer. The Go:Mixer will allow you to record an instrument, a microphone feed, and a line-in signal simultaneously. Read more about the GO:Mixer

GO:Mixer Pro

If you need something more robust, you should look at the Roland Go:Mixer Pro. With the Go:Mixer pro, you will be able to record up to nine audio inputs, ranging from pro-quality microphones to guitars and bass. It is ideal for a band who wants to live stream or record their practice sessions. Read more about the GO:Mixer Pro.

Portable Keyboard and Piano


Have fun with music – no experience necessary! That’s right, with the Roland Go Keys series, you can have fun with music even if you’ve never played an instrument before! Read more about the GO:Keys. 


The Roland Go Piano has been described as being the perfect learning solution for all students. This is because the unit was built to be a complete piano learning solution. The piano is affordable, small enough to be easily portable and has built-in speakers. This means that you can take your piano with you wherever you go. Read more about the GO:Piano.

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