Stage Headphones

One of the most important factors to a good performance is the ability to be able to hear and monitor one’s self. Without monitoring in a live situation, performers have no reference point for their performance and might miss crucial notes or over/under play due to inadequate or no monitoring.

For this reason, there are headphones developed specifically for the live sound scenario. Furthermore, they can be split into two main types of live sound monitoring.

1 – Headphones For the Performer: There often come in the form of in-ear monitors. They provide a discreet and convenient way of being able to hear yourself at all times. Some In ears are wireless. Whilst others have the restriction of a cable.

2 – Headphones for the Front Of House Engineer: These are just as crucial as the monitors for the performers. As the engineers provide the sound for the audience. Which is definitely the most important sound. For that reason, Live engineers generally make use of close-back studio headphones to ensure an isolated an flat sound in terms of EQ with as little colour as possible.