Bass Guitar Amps

The amount of options and brands to choose from when it comes to bass guitar amps can be somewhat overwhelming. Whilst a lot of bass players choose to go direct by using a Di box, there is just something about the tone that comes from a bass amp which cannot be always be replicated otherwise.

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But, before going ahead with your bass amp purchase, there are some things to consider that can simplify your choice

The first and possibly most important factor when it comes to buying a bass amp is choosing the size of amp. Essentially This refers to both the wattage of the amp as well as the size of the speaker. The more wattage and the bigger the speaker the more air is allowed to move. Thus, producing a louder tone with more headroom.

The second thing to consider with bass amps, is to make a choice between a combo amp or a head and cab combination. Combo amps are generally more portable and are better suited for practice and travel purposes. Having said that, the head and cab counterparts can be just as portable, if not more if the bass player decides to travel with just the bass head. Head and Cabs are essentially the same as combo and however they are split into 2 separate components. And, allow you to plug your and head into different speaker and cabinet configurations Where has the combo amp is restricted to the speaker cab that it comes with

We start a wide range of Fender bass amps which are fast becoming a top choice for based players around the world. Models such as the Fender Rumble 100 amp are taking the bass world by storm.