Polisiekar turns 16!

F_polisiekar, one of South Africa’s most famous rock bands, is turning 16 this year, and to celebrate they are hosting a Sweet 16 Birthday Bash.  

On the 26th of June, Polisiekar will take to the stage at the Barnyard theater in Bellville to celebrate their 16th year. Tickets are on sale {here} and cost R180 each. 

A Show Where Nostalgia Meets the Modern

For this show, Polisiekar is trying to capture a feeling of nostalgia. To ensure that you walk away with fond memories of the evening, the band will play crowd favourites from “Veklaar” and “As jy met vuur speel sal jy brand”.

Of course, the show could be dull if the band didn’t include some newer material. So you can also expect to hear new songs from “Maria” and “Speel daai ou k*k.”

“While there are old and new songs, it’s the same old Polisiekar: energetic, passionate, enthusiastic and willing to involve the crowd.”

Name Change for Media

You might not know this, but F_polisiekar is the first Afrikaans band to get airplay on 5fm. There was one problem though: no one was willing to say the band’s name on air. So they compromised and allowed mainstream radio jocks (and the media in general) to call them Polisiekar.

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