Mackie MP In-Ear Monitors – Level-Up Your Performance

When it comes to stage monitoring, there is little debate to be had about the position in-ear monitors hold as the best-of-the-best. Clarity, sound isolation, bass response – the list of benefits is a long one.

Mackie entered the In-Ear monitor fray with the MP series, offering everything from basic single dynamic driver options to premium quad balanced armature offerings. From our perspective, the MP series embodies the Mackie mentality – Built like a Tank, Serious Sound quality on a budget, and a range broad enough to suit absolutely anyone. 

Let’s take a look at what makes the MP series tick and break down the range.

Superior Isolation & Comfort

Mackie MP in-ears are ergonomically molded with a low-profile enclosure and the custom ear tips provide maximum comfort, bass response, and up to 40dB of sound isolation.

Premium Drivers

With specially selected dynamic drivers in the entry-tier models, and custom balanced armature drivers in the premium models, the MP series offers the perfect balance of vocal clarity and low-end for excellent stage performance.

Included Hardcase

The entire range includes a hardcase which houses the earphones as well as all it’s accessories, keeping your gear safe no matter the situation.

Choose Your Fit

Each pair includes multiple types of ear tips and in three different sizes each so you can choose what works best for your ears.

Detachable Cables

The cable is easy detached for quick replacement.

Rugged Cable

The included cables are of audiophile quality, and are braided to ensure maximum durability.


The MP-120, MP-220, and MP240 are available in bluetooth iterations, which swaps out the standard cable for the Mackie MP-BTA Bluetooth Adapter. the adapter also included a microphone allowing for seamless Bluetooth connection for calls.

The Range

MP-120 - Single Dynamic Driver

The MP-120 houses a single large dynamic driver. This is a high-quality component chosen for its ability to supply plenty of bass without sacrificing high-frequency articulation and vocal detail. This model offers a balanced sound that performs great across the entire spectrum.

MP-220 - Dual Dynamic Driver

The MP-220 steps up the count with two dynamic drivers in each monitor. In addition to offering cleaner performance at higher levels, it allows the monitor to achieve higher efficiency evenly across the entire frequency range. Because you have twice the drivers taking care of the same job, they can resolve details and nuance in the sound much better, this also means increased bass which dynamic drivers are particularly good at. 

MP-240 - Dual Hybrid Driver

The MP-240 keeps the same driver count but reaches the next level of detail and clarity thanks to its hybrid configuration. Instead of two dynamic drivers like the MP-220, this monitor swaps one out for a balanced armature driver and a custom crossover that splits the frequencies between the two drivers.

What exactly does balanced armature mean?

Balanced Armature drivers are a re-imagining of the way sound is produced.  An electric current is passed through a coil that is wrapped around an armature. The coil is suspended between two magnets, and the changes in current causes attraction between the coil and magnets.

The upside of this is a smaller driver size, improved treble response, and the ability to tune each armature to perform optimally in a specific frequency range, allowing the retention of the excellent bass response provided by dynamic drivers.

MP-320 - Triple Dynamic Driver

Upping the driver count to 3, the MP-320 now allows us to seperate the frequency spectrum even more with a precision 3-way crossover. By utilizing dynamic drivers, we are able to achieve excellent clarity and imaging while maintaining the excellent low frequency response of dynamic drivers.

MP-360 - Triple Balanced Armature

Like its sibling above, MP-360 features a 3-way crossover but instead of dynamic drivers, this model is all balanced armature. With the precise nature of this driver type, you will experience breathtaking clarity and detail. This is great for vocalists that need to hear themselves and their mix as faithfully as possible and makes listening to your favorite music a brand new experience.

MP-460 - Quad Balanced Armature

Using the same balanced armature drivers, MP-460 features a quad driver design for even more clarity and accuracy. Balanced sound, enhanced detail resolution, and incredibly smooth midrange is the name of the game with MP-460. Whether you are a musician, a mixing engineer, or you want to experience your music in a whole new dimension, MP-460 can take you there.

The Price

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