Mackie Freeplay Portable PA Systems

Mackie Freeplay SPeakers

Do you want the freedom to take your music anywhere? Then you will need a PA system that is lightweight, battery-powered, and sounds great. What you need is something from the Mackie Freeplay series.

The Mackie Freeplay PA speakers are designed for musicians (and public speakers) who perform in small venues or to small crowds outdoors. And at only 6.8kgs, the Mackie Freeplay speakers are so light that no one would struggle to haul them around. 

The Freeplay is powered by either 8 D cell batteries or an option Lithium-ion battery that will give you up to 10-hours of playtime.  With 10-hours of battery life, you can rest assured that the Freeplay will last you all day on a single charge. Not a fan of the idea of using a battery powered PA system? Then plug the speaker into the mains.


Of course, being portable is only one side of the coin. What ultimately matters is what the speakers sound like. And the Mackie Freeplay PA series does not disappoint. 

The Freeplay range features a full-range stereo system with a high-output 8″ woofer. Not only does this balance the tone, but you will also get a speaker with unmatch bass response. 

The built-in “feedback destroyer” will ensure that you won’t get distracting noises while you perform. The Freeplay speakers also come with a built-in 4-channel mixer so that you can take full control of your tone. 

Bluetooth streaming and control

More and more PA systems nowadays are Bluetooth enabled. The ability to wirelessly stream music from your Smartphone to a speaker has made the lives of countless musicians much easier. 

What sets the Mackie Freeplay series apart is the Mackie Connect App. With the Connect App, you can use your phone as a mixer to get the perfect tone. Now, you can set up your speaker, and walk around the venue to fine tune the tone to the room you are in. 

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