Guidelines to Basic Instrument Maintenance

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | October 31, 2018

If you drive a car one of the fundamental basics you should learn is how to change a tire. After all, waiting for roadside assistance isn’t always the most practical solution. Similarly, if you play a string instrument, there are some basic instrument maintenance tricks you should know to keep you going on. 

During this free workshop, the renowned guitar tech Rob Drake will take you through all the basic guitar, bass guitar, and all string instruments maintenance that you need to know to get going!

All Guitar Frenzy workshops are free, but seating is limited. So if you want to ensure that you get a good seat, be sure to arrive early. 

Where: Paul Bothner Music Parklands
Shop G32 Sandown Retail Crossing Shopping Centre
Corner of Sandown Road and Wood Drive
When: 03 November 2018
Time: 11 am
Cost: Free

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What to expect:

  • Cleaning and prep for restringing.
  • Restringing
  • Choosing the correct gauge and understanding string gauges suitable for you the player and how those particular strings affect your guitar from basic to advanced players.
  • Understanding action and intonation and the ideal playability of an instrument
  • Questions and answers and lots of discussions

More about Rob Drake

Rob has an engineering and technical background with woodworking and strength of materials skills and has over 50 years of technical knowledge. 

He has been a musician since a young man playing a variety of instruments and started working on string instruments 18 years ago as a full-time business. 

He specialises in all aspects of set-up, repair and restoration of all string instruments, mandolins, bouzouki, banjo, guitars and basses, including orchestral, ie cello, violin, viola and historical instruments.

He has also built several instruments though he specialises in repairs and restoration.

To learn more about Rob, or to get in touch with him, be sure to visit his website 


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