Drumming Workshop with Jonathan ‘Ginger’ Hamilton

Jonathan 'Ginger' Hamilton

Cape Town Drummers are in for a treat this April! None other than the legendary drummer Jonathan ‘Ginger’ Hamilton will be presenting a drum clinic at Paul Bothner Music in Plumstead. 

When: Monday 15 April
Time: 7 pm till 9 pm
Where: Paul Bothner Music Plumstead
Shop G7 Richmond Center
Main Road, Plumstead
Tickets: R80
Buy your tickets online from Quicket.

Sam Smith will be coming on tour to South Africa, and like most touring singers, he will be bringing a band of accomplished musicians to support his show.

One of the musicians in Sam’s band is none other than Jonathan ‘Ginger’ Hamilton. And while being on the road can be a tiring affair, SA Drummer has convinced Ginger to present a drumming workshop at Paul Bothner Music in Plumstead.

This workshop will be the ideal opportunity for any musician to learn more about the playing styles of a professional touring musician.

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More about Jonathan 'Ginger' Hamilton

In November 2018 Music Radar announced that Jonathan Ginger Hamilton was one of the top live session drummers in the world.

Jonathan ‘Ginger’ Hamilton has always been a consistently busy drummer on the live circuit, backing artists such as Jessie J and Pixie Lott.

This year Ginger hit even bigger leagues by taking on arenas in the UK and beyond with vocal sensation Sam Smith. The gig requires control, musicality, and professionalism, all skills that Ginger has fine-tuned over many years backing pop’s biggest artists.

Ginger has said that the church was one of his biggest influencers while developing.

“Growing up in church obviously gives you a spiritual element to it and playing there has a lot of feeling, emotion and spirituality to it. Now, even though I’m playing pop music, I still try to play with that same emotion and feeling. I like to leave my heart out on stage when I play. [sic]”

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