Artist Profile: Carla Williams

Carla Williams Drums

At only 16-years old, Carla Williams is a young drummer taking the music world by storm. 

Carla can be found playing in various venues in and around Cape Town, but for the most part, Carla plays gospel drums for her local church. Carla is more than a church drummer though, as she is also a part of the worship leadership team. 

Carla Williams first starting playing the drums at the tender age of 6. For most kids that young, playing the drums is nothing more than making loud noises. But, for Carla, the drums sparked something in her that she would carry for the rest of her life. 

According to Carla, “Music is part of my family’s DNA, and if not otherwise required, I always play by ear”. 

She took the inspiration she got as a young kid and put all that energy into pursuing her craft, and the results speak for themselves. 

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Hit Like A Girl

The Hit Like a Girl competition is an international drumming competition aimed at women in drumming. In 2016, Carla was awarded the “Rising Star” award, and as part of her prize, she was awarded a scholarship to The School of Rock. At the time of winning, Carla was only 12-years old! 

The competition saw hundreds of women, aged 6 to 60, enter to try to win the top spot. After a 6-week online entry period, the field was narrowed down to 48 finalists, chosen by a panel of judges and the voting public. 

Berkley College of Music

Like many great musicians before her, Carla had the opportunity to attend a 5-week course at the prestigious Berkley College of Music. Her talents and reputation ensured that she was able to secure a scholarship to participate in the programme. 

Carla’s philosophy is to surround herself with people who share a passion for their craft, and she believes, “music has the power to unite”.

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