Musical Hacks for Blues, Country, and Rock

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | November 4, 2018

Regardless of what style of music you play, there will always be some overlap between genres. Quite often, if you want to improve one playing style, learning the tricks of another genre will elevate you to new heights. 

Join Marius Krüger for this FREE workshop as he explores musical hacks that work for Blues, Country, and Rock music.

All Guitar Frenzy workshops are free, but seating is limited. So if you want to ensure that you get a good seat, be sure to arrive early. 

Where: DV Village Kimberley
Shop 54 North Cape Mall
Memorial Road,
When: 10 November 2018
Time: 11 am
Cost: Free

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What to expect:

  • Basic fundamentals of 12 bar blues and improvisation 
  • Country chicken picking progressions, tone and technique
  • Learn your pentatonics and how to expand them in different keys 

More about Marius Krüger

Krüger frontman Marius Krüger is a multi-talented singer/songwriter/guitarist, born and bred in the Diamond city (Kimberley).

Combining a decade of singing experience with almost 2 decades of guitar playing experience, resulted in an artist who can not only hold his own as a vocalist and songwriter, but his guitar playing and live performance have left many crowds pleasantly surprised and wanting more.

If you want to read more about one of Kimberley’s favorite sons, check out his full artist profile [here].


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