Fender FXA2 In-Ear Monitors

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | February 23, 2017

Fender FXA2 In-Ear Monitors

At a certain point, every musician who plays seriously considers getting a set of in-ear monitors. In-ear monitors ensure that you can move around the stage and still receive a constant monitoring sound. No more are you stuck in front of a wedge monitor! If you’re looking to buy your first set of in-ear monitors, or if you’re looking to upgrade your current set, then Fender might have the perfect solution!

FXA2 In-Ear Monitors

The FXA2 In-Ear Monitors have been manufactured in the US using state of the art technology, and a tonne of research.

Before Fender got to work making the FXA2 In-Ear Monitors, they scanned the ears of over 2000 people. They then took the 2000 scans and combined them into one universal design. By doing so, Fender has created a monitor that perfectly fits the ears of 95% of all users.

In addition, Fender is using a Thermoplastic Elastomer for the tips of the earpieces. So, what exactly does that mean? Thermoplastic elastomer is a special plastic that reacts to heat. Once it gets to your body temperature, it will become more flexible, and shift its shape to better fit your ear. So, it basically acts in a similar way to a memory foam pillow.

This means that the earpiece will be a snug fit, with sound going directly into your ear canal. So if you’re on stage, jumping around, you won’t need to keep adjusting the earpiece or worry about it falling out.

Durability of Cable

The cable for the FXA2 In-Ear Monitors is flexible and very durable. This means that is can take huge amounts of abuse. The ear piece also rotates around the cable. This means that the likelihood of the cable breaking because if a bad angle is diminished. At the same time, it also means that you can comfortably tuck the cable behind your ear when you have the earpiece inserted.

All cables, however, no matter how durable they are, can die.

To make replacing the cable easier, Fender has made the cable detachable. So if your cable dies, you can buy a new one and replace it in minutes.

Included in the packaging is a Fender case as well as a cleaning brush. These will ensure that your FXA2 In-Ear Monitors stay clean and secure.


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