Cort G100 HH Limited Edition

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | November 3, 2016

Cort G100 HH

Cort has become synonyms with good prices and great quality. Most guitarists in South Africa will at one point own a Cort Guitar. As far as value for money they are unbeatable!

But Cort is just satisfied with being a standard offering in the industry. They are constantly striving to make their instruments better; to add new and exciting ranges to their already vast selection of instruments. And with the addition of the new G100 HH, they have truly outdone themselves!

Twin Humbucking Power

Cort has taken the popular G100 guitar, and released a limited edition version; the G100 HH. This is the ideal guitar for anyone who wants dual humbucking power, at an entry level price.

The G100 traditional came with a white scratch plate and 3 single coil pickups.

For the new limited edition HH version, Cort has used a Tortoise Shell scratch plate and two humbucker pickups.

The body is an open pore Paulownia wood. The open poor finish looks great and is easy to maintain. A huge advantage to an open poor guitar is that finger smudges and scratches can’t be seen as easily. So even after years of playing, or having bright stage lights shone directly onto the guitar, it will always look great!

The neck is a bolt-on affair with a twist. Cort has beveled the heel joint so that even players with smaller hands can comfortably play on the highest frets.


It really is the small details that set this guitar apart from everything else in its price bracket.

The guitar body is incredibly thin. It is only 39mm thick. This makes the guitar light enough and thin enough so that even younger players can get the full Rock Star experience of owning one of these beasts.

The guitar would also be an ideal solution for anyone with shorter fingers.

Overall, this a great guitar for any beginner to intermediate player!


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