Boss RC-3 Loop Station

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | September 6, 2017

Boss RC-3 Loop Station

The loop station is one of the most loved of all the utility pedals on the market. And among all the loop stations on the market today, few are as widely used at the Boss RC-3 Loop Station.

If you are uncertain about what stompboxes are, then you should read [Stompboxes Explained].

The single performer band is nothing new. Everyone who is over a certain age will remember Bert’s one man band from Mary Poppins.
But, thanks to technology, the single performer act has been refined over the years.

Thanks to the USB connectivity and massive storage space, you can record your practices and review them later. This is the perfect tool for any musician.

Boss RC-3 Loop Station

The Boss RC-3 Loop Station is a hugely powerful stereo stompbox looper. Yet, despite its power, it is housed in a single stompbox! IT has a massive internal memory with up to three hours of recording time.

The RC-3 has the space to store 99 loops in the onboard memory. Additionally, it features a rhythm guide with real onboard drums.


When you look at the Boss RC-3 Loop Station, you will notice that it has two inputs and two outputs. This will give you true stereo effects.

It also has a USB port so that you can plug the looper into your computer. This will allow you to backup your RC-3’s recordings for safe keeping.

You can also load .wav files onto the Boss RC-3 Loop Station from your computer. The RC-3 accepts 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV files of up to 1.7GB in size.


In case you are unfamiliar with looping, looping is when a performer live records a snippet of music. That snippet of music is then played on repeat for the performer to build on or play over. [Check this video out for more details on how to play loops].

If you’re interested in adding this pedal to your collection, [click here] to shop online.


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