Orchestral Instruments
  • Brass & Woodwind

    Brass & Woodwind

    We have combined the brass and woodwind categories. However, they are essentially two separate types of instruments. Woodwind instruments are comprised of two different types. These include reed…
  • Harmonicas


    If you are considering learning something new, then the harmonica is a great choice of instrument that provides a signature sound common is a lot of folk and…
  • Stringed Orchestral

    Stringed Orchestral

    Stringed Orchestral refers to a broad range of instruments that have very similar commonalities. Yet, produce different sounds and are used for different applications. These category of instrument…

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The Orchestral category is one that encompasses various classical type instruments. Such include brass and woodwind like trumpets and clarinets. As well as various percussion instruments made specifically for the orchestra in mind. As well as classical stringed instruments such as violins and cellos.

We stock a wide range of orchestral instruments for students as well as for professionals and everyone in between.