Pearl Eliminator Bass Drum Pedal

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | August 10, 2017

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your bass drum pedal, then the Pearl Eliminator is the perfect solution.


If you started with an entry level drum kit, then you got a basic bass drum pedal with the kit. The response of these can often be lacking.

With the double chain and felt tips of the beater, the Pearl Eliminator is a fully professional piece of gear. This is a pedal that will last for many years and be able to move from kit to kit. All you need to do it try one out and you’ll instantly be able to feel the difference!


Bass drum pedals take a lot of punishment. They are played almost constantly and depending on your style of music, they are played hard and fast. With the level of abuse they take, and with all the moving parts they contain, after a while, all bass drum pedals will eventually wear out.

Moving parts wear out over time. This is an unavoidable fact of the world we live in. And until science figures out a way to make sure that moving parts never again break, there is a chance that at some point you will need to replace your bass drum pedal.

But not all bass drum pedals are made equal.

The Pearl Eliminator has a double chain, meaning that it can last for years without needing too much attention. )Two heads are better than one after all.)

Once you feel the difference that Pearl Eliminator makes, there will be no going back.

People who use the pedal describe it as fast, responsive and durable; these are the perfect traits for a bass drum pedal.


The Eliminator also comes in a double pedal version. The double pedal offers all the advantages of the Eliminator, in a metal blast beat friendly version.

Click here to read more about the Pearl Eliminator Series.


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