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Welcome to the Paul Bothner Music Education Website

History - At Paul Bothner Music, we’ve always been committed to progress in Music Education! Bothner’s South African origins date back to around 1902, when Charles Bothner, a piano tuner by trade, set up shop in Cape Town.

The business was soon importing and selling pianos. Over the next 50 years, with contributions from his wife and sons, Bothner’s became a countrywide household name.

The Leading Supplier in the Country - Paul Bothner Music has been the leading supplier of musical instruments, for more than 40 years. We have a wide range of gear for just about every application.

This includes home keyboards, digital pianos, synthesizers, MIDI controllers, drum kits, percussion (for kids and adults), guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, orchestral instruments, software, studio gear, live concert sound rigs / PA systems and more.

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Paul Bothner Music’s strong relationship with the Education sector, is the result of devotion to the service ethic, which we’ve maintained for decades. The onset of Modern Technology, which has enhanced the lives of learners and teachers alike, is a necessary development in music education and music careers. We’ve embraced this need by offering our service with the professionalism and experience synonymous with our name.

Multi-levelled Sales & After Sales Expertise:

We have support teams with much expertise and experience for:

· PA setups

· Music Technology Labs

· Recording Studios

· Instrument Maintenance

· Product Knowledge

· Budget Proposals

· Much More

We also have a dedicated Workshop for instrument repair. We’re the agents and technical specialists for a great multitude of brands, ranging from Roland to Fender, Alesis to Cakewalk, so if there’s any advice or advanced work required, we’re the right people for the job. If your gear, purchased elsewhere, happens to need repair, they’ll probably be sending it to us…

How to Join - If you complete the form below, you become a partner, qualifying for our Educational Specials. You’ll also gain free entrance to Workshops and you’ll be added to our Mailing List. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain information about specials, events and more! Have a look at our current specials

The Value - We’ve supplied gear to music institutions from primary school to university level, with our technical staff advising on pertinent issues.

Besides this valuable pre-sales advice, we offer diligent after-sales care and support. We’re the leaders in the industry for a good reason: We’re devoted.

Paul Bothner Music is a customer driven business and the family believes in nurturing long-term relationships with their customers.

Our focus is on providing excellent service and expertise with our adept team. The staff members are highly trained and will assist their customers in a technically competent way. Emphasis has been placed on a strong infrastructure to provide back-up service and support.

Paul Bothner Music actively supports South African music and has close ties with local studios and record companies.

Who’s involved? One of our most notable staff-members is the highly acclaimed, Alistair Andrews. Besides being a Warwick Bass and Rotosound String endorser, he also lectures Music Technology at the University of Cape Town. He’s based at our Plumstead branch.

Members of our staff are involved in part-time lecturing in top music programmes, at leading universities in South Africa and have an immense wealth of knowledge and experience to make this the best course of action when purchasing gear for your valued institution.

 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Paul Bothner Music

- We know time is precious at educational institutions. We deliver!

We have vehicles, we have the well-trained staff for hands-on assistance and we have the infrastructure to facilitate the right kind of processing that’s been expected of us.

- We know that clearing funds at institutions is sometimes a lengthy process. We do 30 day accounts!

Our accounts staff has been involved in this kind of process for decades. Experience has resulted in the smoothest, most effective delivery that one can expect.

- We assist in providing estimates for budget proposals for the financial year.

Our team of consultants has a strong track record of developing our reputation with institutions, based on our history of success in these endeavours and how accomodating we’ve been.

- Besides the fact that we’ve been doing this forever, we also try to make life a lot easier.

We’re the biggest name in musical instruments in the country, with 4 branches in the Western Cape and branches in Gauteng and KZN. We have gone the extra mile.

- We provide music equipment at school concerts. We deliver…

At School Battles of the Bands, Varsity Events, Expos and the like, we’ve focused our attention on nurturing the development of our country’s youth and young adults on a musical level.

Why develop a Music Department?

 Benefits of Musicianship to Children

 - Develops small and large motor development

 - Improved concentration and listening with better focus

 - Improves social abilities and development of vocal skills

 - Aids learners in developing mathematics, science, and arts ability

 - Encourages participation on a scholastic level

 - Teaches value orientation in achieving goals

 - Enhances self confidence

 - Promotes team work and self-sufficiency

Scientific Research has proven that very young children are naturally musical and show great interest in musical sounds. Statistics show that they enjoy singing on their own while playing—even deaf children.

School aged children who play music show better aptitude at school and in social contexts. Adolescents are strongly drawn to music on a social and intellectual level. It often develops tolerance and a sense of acceptance amongst young and old, crossing cultural walls and bridging ideologies.

Adults musicians can develop a strong income whether full-time or part-time. Please see our Weekend Warriors page http://bothners.co.za/events/weekend-warriors-2012/ for more on adult musicianship.

On a hobbyist’s level it helps to reduce stress and provides for an emotional and artistic process hailed as an indication of great mental ability.

For Seniors, it means reduced risk of the effects of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

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