Cort G215 High Gloss Natural

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | November 23, 2016


When you think about Cort Guitars, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

For most people, when they think about Cort, they think about quality instruments at student prices. Cort is constantly striving to produce high-quality gear, at competitive prices. When you find a guitar made by Cort, its counter part from another brand is almost always more expensive.

The Cort G215 is no exception.

Cort G215 Gloss Natural

The Cort G-Series guitars are “vintage evolved”. The double cutaway collection is a classic shape and has a range of guitars to suit any players needs.

The Cort G215 has an ash body. Ash is lightweight and makes a terrific tonewood. Besides sounding great, Ash is also a very good looking wood. The graining on the guitar is special to each unit. The swirls of the grain do not pop as much as flamed maple, they instead offer a more subtle beauty.

Neck and Pick-Ups

The neck has a scale-length of 25.5. The neck won’t suit a fast player or shredder, but it will be great for slower blues, rock and jazz.

The neck is made of Canadian Hard Maple, with a maple fretboard. Maple can be described as being a bright wood, tonally speaking. Not all players get along with Maple fretboards, as the feel is very different from Rosewood and Ebony.

The G215 features a traditional 3 single coil pickup setup, with a 5-way selector. This is one of the most common setups in the history of the electric guitar.


The guitar comes with chrome hardware and has a 6-screw vintage trem system. The 6-screw trem system is an incredibly stable trem that will help keep your guitar in tune for hours of playing.

For more information on Cort Guitars, check out their website


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