Zildjian Renew Their Planet Z Cymbal Range

Although one of the oldest companies in the world, having been founded in 1623, Zildjian is constantly innovating. And their entry-level Planet Z range hasn’t been left out. 

The Planet Z cymbals range has always been the perfect option for new drummers wanting to start their drumming journey with the legendary Zildjian brand. Nowe, after reworking the formulation of the metal alloy, the company has also given drumemrs a wider choice of cymbals to choose from – plus a great new look.

Planet Z Complete Pack

One of our best-selling cymbal packs at here at Paul Bothner Music, the Planet Z Complete Pack gives you all the standard sizes in one convenient package. Its the perfect choice for any drummer wanting to upgrade the  cymbals supplied with beginner drum kits. 


image of zildjian planet z cymbal pack plz4pk

You’ll be all set to tackle any style of music with the packs full-sized 14″ hihat pair, a 16″ crash cymbal, and a full-sized 20″ ride.

Planet Z Launch Pack

The Planet Z Launch Pack gives you great-sounding cymbals to get you off on the right path. With tight, bright-sounding hihats and a crash cymbal, this is the perfect setup for drummers needing a basic setup for a compact or cocktail kit.

The Planet Z Launch Pack gives you your first step into drumming, featuring a pair of 13″ hihats and a 16″ crash.

Planet Z Fundamentals Pack

For a bigger sound in a basic cymbal setup, or replacements for your tired hihats and crash, the Fundamentals pack gives you larger-sized cymbals and afresh sound.

The Planet Z Fundamentals Pack delivers the key sizes and sounds you really need! This pack includes a full sized pair of 14″ hihats and a versatile 18″ crash ride.

image of zildjian planet z cymbal pack plz4pk

Create your own sonic palette with Planet Z singles

For drummers wanting to create their own signature sound, or replace broken cymbals without breaking the bank,the Planet Z range offers a great selection of single cymbals.

13" and 14" Planet Z HiHats
18" Planet Z China
10" Planet Z Splash
16"Planet Z Crash
18" Planet Z Crash Ride
20" Planet Z Ride

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