Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Cymbals

In 2003 Zildjian first launched a limited run of special dry series cymbals. The tone that the Special Dry series offered was unique, and drummers fell in love with them. The cymbals offered a unique mix of quick attack, dark tone, and short sustain. 

Zildjian has recently launched an update of the Special Dry series, and the new cymbals do not disappoint.

If you’re looking for cymbals which are “thinner, trashier, [with] funkier tones for contemporary applications that require a more “processed” sound”, then look no further than the new Special Dry Range.

Prices in South Africa Reduced

Great news for South African drummers is that the retail prices of the high-end cast cymbals from the Zildjian A and K cymbal families have been dropped substantially,   bringing them in line with international prices. 

Meet the Special Dry Lineup

The Special 14″ “Dry Hats” are a great option for drummers who need darker sounding hi-hats. What sets these cymbals apart is that their tops are thin, but the bottoms are heavy. The combination of tones will provide you with something “special.”

The Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Trash Crash cymbal is totally dark and features rows of different sized round holes from the bell to the edge. It is ideal for the drummer who want some dirty, funky overtones in their rig. This responsive crash is extra thin with an enhanced fast attack and decay.

For the new Special Dry line, Zildjian added a few new sizes of crashes and made them thinner, faster, and more controlled. The 20″ K Custom Special dry delivers a big, dark, complex crash sound in a tighter and more focused package.

Zildjian 23″ Cymbal K Custom Special Dry Ride

The 23″ Special Dry ride is one of the most articulate rides from the Special Dry Range. The bell on this 23″ K Custom sounds stronger and deeper than ever before, and the wash is lower in pitch and less pronounced. The 23″ ride provides a bit more ping, while still offering the deep, dark, earthy tone that sets the Special Dry Series apart.

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