Yamaha P-Series Digital Pianos

Yamaha acoustic pianos have been a favourite of music teachers, performers, and students alike for close to a century. However, nowadays, as performers, we can’t expect to see a high-quality acoustic piano at every venue we play in. To help the travelling muso, Yamaha has taken the best features of their acoustic pianos and created world-class quality, portable, electronic pianos. Meet the Yamaha P series of digital pianos.

The P-series has a wide range of instrument voices and backing styles, audio playback, built-in MIDI songs, and even a microphone input with digital effects so you can sound like a pro.

The Yamaha P45B piano provides an original key feel and sound making it easy for any player to play it any way they want.

Authentic to the touch, the digital piano has a heavier touch in the lower end and lighter as you go higher. It provides a richer and deeper sound because of AWM Stereo Sampling by making use of waveforms (L and R) which is captured with two microphones.

See the ​Yamaha P45B Digital Piano​ in action:

The Yamaha P-125 is a compact digital piano that combines incredible piano performance with a user-friendly minimalistic design. 

Easily portable and extremely accessible, the P-125 is always ready to perform whenever–or wherever–you are. The P-125 is loaded with features to give you an acoustic piano playing experience in a portable package.

See the ​Yamaha P125B Digital Piano​ in action:

Yamaha P255B Digital Piano

The Yamaha P255B is the perfect portable piano for any musician. The piano is suitable for both live performance and serious practice. 

Because of it’s built-in speaker system and portability, the P255 can be played in any venue without the use of external amplification. The piano’s slim, portable design doesn’t inhibit the P255 piano of its full range performance capabilities, providing quality for even the the most experienced pianists.

See the ​Yamaha P255B Digital Piano​ in action:

Yamaha P115B Digital Piano

The P Series, loaded with real piano and rhythm functions, is now compatible with iOS apps! Simple operation makes playing even easier. The P-115 is our new model that offers increased piano performance and rhythm functionality, as well as simple iOS app operation.

The slim, portable design of the P-115 provides authentic piano performance. Experienced pianists and beginners alike can enjoy satisfying playing. 

See the ​Yamaha P115B Digital Piano​ in action:

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