Wharfedale Titan Series: Versatility Redefined

Wharfedale Titan

The Wharfedale Titan Series of PA systems is the modern solution to the stage amplification needs of today’s musicians. Whether you’re on the hunt for an active PA rig, or you’re looking to add a new passive speaker or two to your existing setup, there’s a Wharfedale Titan for you. 

Rugged Design

When it comes to PA systems, you need to ensure that you get a system that can handle some abuse. In an ideal world, your gear would never get damaged. But the realities of live events, and moving equipment around means that sometimes accidents happen. 

The polypropylene cabinets of the Wharefdale Titian series are not only exceptionally lightweight, but they are also tough enough to handle the rigours of life on the road.


One of the most impressive aspects of the Wharfedale Titan series is its versatility. These amps are equally at home for outdoor use as they are for indoor use. 

One of the primary concerns you might have about taking your Titan outside is the potential for moisture to damage the internal components of your rig. Fortunately, the polypropylene cabinets and the woofers are moisture proof, meaning you can have peace of mind when taking your rig outside. 


Are you a DJ or singer/songwriter? Then you will be all too familiar with how much of a pain it can be to lug around a PA system. Wharfedale has taken steps to make your life that little bit easier.

 Elements like the rubber handles on the Titans are a nice touch and make carrying the speakers more comfortable.

Another nice touch is that the Titans come with padded gig bags. Now you can protect your gear in transit, and avoid those nasty, almost inevitable scratches and dings on your equipment.

Active Speakers

Do you want to reduce how much gear you carry with you? Then you should drop the power amp and move to an active PA system. While the drawback of an active PA is that it is slightly heavier, the upside is that you can have an all-in-one system to power your live performance needs.

The Titan Active series features state of the art, bi-amplified, class D technology. That makes the Titans an ideal solution for everything from your band room, to schools, houses of worship, and everything in between.

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