Up the Creek Outdoor Music Festival 2020

Whether you’ve been to Up the Creek or you’ve never heard of them, this festival isn’t one to be missed. Join the Up the Creek Outdoor Music Festival for 2020 where you’ll have a rocking time over four days with over 50 bands giving a live performance for an audience of up to 2500 people.

This year, Up the Creek, open their arms to “Loyal Creekers” and “New Creekers” to join their 30 Year Reunion at the river. So bring your friends, good vibes, and lilo!

The Details

When:      6 to 9 February 2020
Where:    Up the Creek
Time:        11 am 6 February | 3 pm 9 February
Booking: Get your tickets on howler.co.za

The Line-up

  • Bam Bam Brown
  • Basson Laubscher
  • Crosscurrent
  • Poor Princes
  • Southern Wild
  • Sutherland
  • The Blues Broers
  • The Kiffness
  • Hot Water
  • Flying Bantu
  • Francois van Coke
  • Paradise Citizens
  • Jak Skandi
  • Shortstraw
  • Rob van Vuuren
  • Boyes Drive
  • Wonderboom
  • The Unity Band
  • Dave Ferguson
  • Dr Khumalo
  • Frizz Pop
  • Jagermeister Brass Cartel
  • Jake Gunn
  • Jeandré Swanepoel
  • Jules Terea
  • The Black Cat Bones
  • The Van Der Mentals
  • WarongX
  • Albert Frost & Tubatsi Mpho Moloi
  • Bombshelter Beast
  • Gerald Clark
  • Little Ringo
  • Orah & The Kites
  • The Toast
  • Amy Ayanda

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About Up the Creek

First opening their doors to the public in 1990, Up the Creek is the second-longest-running outdoor music festival in South Africa putting a focus on only showcasing South African artists.

The popular outdoor music festival was one of the first festivals to include comedy. In the early days, they interviewed Albert Frost at a young age during a show they called People of the Mouth. It was the festival’s version of the popular TV show called People of the South.

Before becoming the massive festival it is today, all the performances at Up the Creek took place on the “stoep” of the farmhouse located on the riverbank.

From surprise opera performances to celebrity weddings, Up the Creek has catered to loads of weird and wonderful events over past few years.