Trade In Your Old Gear

Trade In

Most musicians suffer from GAS; Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Because of this, we tend to keep buying new gear and seldom end up using our old gear again.

Are you one of those people who buy yourself a new guitar, with the promise of selling your old one once you buy the new one. Then, after three or four years you still have the old guitar laying at home. If so, you are in good company!

What about the cost of buying a new drum kit? Have you got your eye on a new kit, but you just can’t afford it?

We will consider doing a Trade In deal on most major music equipment brands. Just bring in the item you want to do the deal on and let us assess it for you. Just head down to any of our stores to get to process going.

Trade In Fine Print

All gear must be in mint or near mint condition. While the dings and scratches add character to your guitar, not everyone wants to buy a guitar with character.

All gear must be in perfect working condition, and where relevant, must be up to date. So you need to ensure that the latest drivers and OS versions have been installed.

All peripheries that came with the unit must be included. This includes, but is not limited to cables, software, alan keys, whammy bars and so on.

Only major name brands will be considered. So, unfortunately, we will not take in homemade guitars.

According to South African law, in order to do a Trade In, you must be the following documentation into the store:

Your Bar Coded South African ID book/card
Proof of residential address, no later than 3 months old. (So a phone or utility bill)
You must be over 18. If you are not, a parent or guardian must do the deal on your behalf
You will need to fill in a VAT264 form (available in-store)
In certain cases, proof of ownership will be required

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