The Worship Ministry Intensive – Taking the Strain out of your Worship Session

Considering that almost half of your church service is spent on praise and worship, it is imperative that your worship team is fully equipped to take on the requirements of a modern church band.

During this free Ministry Month workshop, Chaeslin Trollip will guide through his Worship Ministry Intensive. This is the perfect workshop for any band leaders, and for gospel musicians.

What to Expect

During this workshop, Chaeslin will take a more in-depth look at some of the finer points to ensure that you have the best possible ministry band. He will touch on:

  • Team Leading and effective worship breakthrough
  • Song choice and arrangements
  • Spiritual and musical  growth through worship  
  • The sound of worship (Gear)                

The Details

Where: DV Village Music Kimberley
Shop 54 North Cape Mall
Memorial Road,
When: 18 May 2019
Time: 11 am
Cost: FREE

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More About Chaeslin Trollip

Senior Pastor at Cross over City church and is currently the church’s worship leader. Chaeslin also takes pride in the development of youth community members with motivational, spiritual, music education and entrepreneurship.