The Roland RD-88 – Take The Stage

Roland’s range of RD pianos have ruled stages across the world as the go-to stage piano for over three decades. This has been thanks to their playability, sound, simplicity, and portable design.

When Roland released the RD-88, they took all of these breakthrough characteristics of the historical RD series, and managed to greatly improve in every section.

Let’s take a look at why the RD-88 is an absolute game changer in the world of stage pianos!


The Roland RD-88 uses the PHA-4 Standard Keyboard,  a part of Roland’s flagship Progressive Hammer Action lineup, which mimics the feeling of an acoustic piano. This is achieved by adding variable weights and escapement on all 88 keys, which recreates the heavier feeling on lower notes, and a lighter feeling on higher notes one would find on an acoustic piano. To add to this, the keytops feature synthetic ivory and a matte finish to prevent slippage.

Combined with sturdy, simple controls and it’s little wonder why these pianos are trusted by players the world over.

Sound Engine

The RD-88 takes advantage of two of Roland’s world class sound engines, the SuperNATURAL Piano and E.Piano engine, and their recently unveiled Zen-Core Synthesis engine.

To learn about the Zen-Core synthesis engine, take a look at our full feature:

Watch Roland explain and demonstrate what makes the SuperNATURAL Piano engine so groundbreaking.


RD pianos are easy to connect with, thanks to their intuitive controls and friendly layout. The RD-88 is no different, giving you just what you need for confident and expressive performances. Vital controls are clearly marked and always in reach, so you can quickly find your favorite sounds, add effects, or shape the tonal balance to suit the venue.


The RD-88’s clean and compact design fits neatly into your lifestyle. Weighing in at a remarkable 13.5kg, its lightweight and sturdy build makes it easy to take with you and quick to set up, even on small stages or in cramped rehearsal spaces. And the room-filling integrated speaker system is ultra-convenient and lets you play with less clutter and less fuss.

The Roland RD-88 manages to fit premium features, quality, and versatility into an affordable stage piano that will be equally comfortable at home as on stage in front of thousands of fans.

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