The Roland LX Series – The Ultimate Piano-Playing Experience

Roland’s LX series of digital pianos is built for players with the absolute highest expectations of piano tone and feel.

From the way the sounds are modelled to the physical response of the hybrid grand hammer action, the LX series stands out as an investment worthy of any home or studio.

The keyboard and pedals in the LX700 series respond  to every nuance, so even highly accomplished pianists won’t need to adapt their playing or compromise expression. Roland’s new Hybrid Grand keyboard (LX708/LX706) features longer key actions than those on typical digital pianos, so the player doesn’t need to press harder the further up the key they play. 

The LX708’s keyboard even reproduces the vibration from the cabinet resonance when playing a grand piano. In addition, the LX708 comes equipped with newly designed Responsive Damper Action for the most authentic pedal expressions.

The Tone: PureAcoustic Piano Modelling

Tone is the first part of the two highest priorities for any serious pianist; tone and feel. The system of a grand piano is complex; the pressing of keys, the striking of hammers, and the resonation of strings all contribute to the signature tone of any grand piano.

The design philosophy behind Roland’s PureAcoustic Piano Modelling technology echoes this approach. Instead of using the more common sampling technology which takes “snapshots” of a sound and replays them upon striking the keys, Roland uses modelling technology which models and digitally recreates the entire system. This allows for a far more true-to-life representation of the sound.

The LX series includes two completely separate piano models, a classic European grand, and an American grand, giving you the best of both worlds – in one instrument.

The Range

Each model offers a different combination of graceful cabinet designs, keyboards, pedals, and Acoustic Projection speaker systems. The flagship LX708 has a tall, commanding cabinet and a lid that opens for optimum sound projection, as well as a powerful eight-speaker sound system. 

The midrange LX706 offers a shorter cabinet, closed-lid design, and six-speaker system, matching its pro-level performance with a budget-conscious price. The entry-level LX705 has the most compact cabinet, a four-speaker system, and Roland’s expressive PHA-50 keyboard, yet still shares technology with the flagship and premium models. 

Depending on the model, finishes include polished ebony, polished white, charcoal, dark rosewood, and light oak.

The LX705

The LX705 offers exceptional sound, sleek looks and classic playability at a truly affordable price for an upright piano.

As a highly-competitive package, the LX705 still offers the same tones and onboard ambient effects in the smallest format. 

The LX706

The LX706 strikes the perfect balance between price and features. No less unbelievable to play than the LX708, the 706 uses the same Grand Hybrid key technology to make playing as comfortable as possible. 


The LX708

The LX708 is the flagship piano of the LX700 range. Boasting the most in-depth sound design, tallest cabinet and multiple speakers, the LX-708 is the closest you’ll get to a grand piano without shelling out tens of thousands on the real thing. 

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