The Revolutionary Mapex Saturn Evolution – Can it get any better?

Mapex is one of the world’s premier drum manufacturers, and it isn’t difficult to see why when giving the Saturn Evolution kit a closer look. Revolutionary features, world-class quality, jaw-dropping finishes, and that signature Mapex sound.

These kits are characterized by their no nonsense approach to a serious professional drum kit. Drummers looking for the best of the best, and consistent, resonant, versatile tone will feel right at home with the Saturn Evolution Rock kits.

It's got it where it counts - and beyond

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Birch/walnut hybrid shells

Mapex have opted for a birch and walnut hybrid shell composition ranging between six (5.8mm) & nine (8.55mm) ply construction. This was first introduced as a special edition in 2012, and by popular demand has made it’s return to the Saturn Evolution line with Mapex Design Lab features. The new shell formula perfectly combines the sonic characteristics of walnut with the articulate punch of birch, delivering a dark, punchy, dry sound.

Birch/walnut hybrid shells

As we eluded to earlier, as plies get progressively thicker, depths increase by 1/2″, and bearing edges change along with the variance in diameter. This expertly contrived balance not only creates the perfect symphony of a drum kit, but brings into clarity the thought and care devoted to this range, and Mapex’s dedication to performance of the highest degree.

Maximized resonance with "Halo" mounted toms

Mapex’s revolutionary  “Halo” mount is featured on all Saturn Evolution toms, and unlocks the freedom of full resonance. Using a lateral, unique “under lug-line” suspension system, this new groundbreaking isolation mount allows the shell the freedom to have an open, pure tone. This is done with minimal stiffness usually associated with under hoop mounting systems.

Full Adjustment Control

With the rubber gasket inside the mount, you can screw the knob down fully to dampen the shell resonance for a shorter decay, or back it off for a wide, open tone. In the studio, this allows you to “pre-EQ” your drums before feeding them into your plug-ins.

The Nitty Gritty Details

  • Mapex Sonic Saver Hoops
  • Mapex SONIClear™ Bearing Edge: 45° on Toms, and Floor Tom – 60° on Bass Drum
  • Air Flow Venting: 2 Vent Holes on Toms and Floor Tom – 4 Vent Holes on Bass Drum
  • SAS Static 90 Degree Floor Tom Legs
  • Sonic Pedestal Floor Tom Feet
  • SAS 0-1 (PD, PM, PA, PG, PQ, PI, PB)
    6-Ply, 5.8mm, 10″ Toms
    6-Ply, 6.5mm, 12″ Toms, and Floor Tom
    8-Ply, 8.2mm, Bass Drum
  • SAS 2 (PO, PT, PZ)
    7-Ply, 6.15mm, 10″ Toms
    7-Ply, 6.85mm, 12″ Toms, and Floor Tom
    9-Ply, 8.55mm, Bass Drum

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