The Plastics Release A New Album ‘The Bright Blue Orchids’

The Plastic

Recently The Plastics has changed their name to The Bright Blue Orchids and with the recent change, a new album has also been released. The 4th studio offering was released on Friday, 31 January 2020.

The new album titled “The Bright Blue Orchids” puts the focus on creating music all about peace, love, and lightness. The music featured on the album was primarily written by Sasha Righini (former drummer) and was written out of frustration, and loss. According to Sasha, music became “somewhat of a lost art” in these modern times after listening mostly to music from the 60s.

The albums sound is snappy and fresh, paying homage to all the greats of songwriting and music. Sounding new yet familiar, the album celebrates communion between musicians and their music.

Watch their official music video for ‘Carry on to the Sun’ below:

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About The Plastics / The Bright Blue Orchids

The Plastics began in 2008 as an evolution of the punk band, Hoax. It’s now its own thing completely. They released their first EP and music video in 2008 at Obz Cafe. The same year, on May 9, they had their first official show at Mercury Live. They opened for the band Bed on Bricks. It didn’t take too much ’till they released their second EP named “Kiss The Plastics” in 2009. Both EPs were distributed among Cape Town’s indie elites. Later in 2009, there was a blur of music video releases for the tracks “Dirty Dancing” and “Tiny Islands”.

In 2010 they enlisted the help of eccentric music producer Gordon Raphael to work on their debut album Shark. Raphael’s background includes famous bands such as The Strokes. The album Shark was recorded at Sound and Motion Studios in Cape Town and it was finally released on July 31, 2010, at Mayhem Launch at The Assembly. The singles “Caves” and “Jukebox” were released to radio stations around South Africa and enjoyed extensive campus and commercial radio airplay. The former reached No. 1 on the TUKSfm SA Top 10 and the latter snug at No. 1 for four weeks running Jon Savage’s Rock Chart on 5fm.

The Album Shark was chosen by both GQ and Cosmopolitan as one of the Top 20 Albums out of local and international releases. In 2011, the single “Those Three Words” was chosen as the soundtrack to one of Apple’s iPod commercials.

In 2012 the band opened for the band Two Door Cinema Club at an unusual location in Cape Town, this was an abandoned old cement factory in the middle of one of the city’s largest township, 3000 were bussed to the show. Later on that year they headed into Dreamsspace Studio to record their sophomore album titled “Pyramid”, which was produced by Shai Caleb Hirschon. During this time they released a music video for “Stereo Kids” and this one reached No. 1 on the MK Top 10 Music Video Chart.

In 2013, The Plastics were also privileged to be chosen as one of the twelve winners of MK MVP in 2012 for the music video “Best Pretenders”.

They were nominated for two MK Awards (Best Group and Best Indie). The ceremony took place on March 24, 2013.