The Misty Waters Music Festival

The Misty Waters Music Festival

Are you tired of going to music festivals in uninspired venues, with the same bands and acts you’ve seen at every other music festival? With acts like Spoegwolf, Albert Frost, Taxi Violence and more, you will not be disappointed with the Misty Waters Music Festival.

The Misty Waters music festival is one of the prettiest music festivals you can attend, and this year’s line-up is sure to impress even the most difficult of people.

Where: Lake Umuzi Kamp Oase, 
1 Kiewiet Street, 2302 Secunda

When: 10 – 12 May 2019

The festival is a 3-day open-air affair nestled in an oasis of willows, lakes, lush lawns, and orange sunsets. The festival organisers have tried to create an intimate space where conversations are spurred on in a pub-like atmosphere whilst listening to some of the most authentic SA live acts.

The festival has a strict “authentic only” policy,  which means that attendees can expect the best original rock, blues and folk music South Africa has to offer.

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Plunge into the gutbucket

The theme of this year’s event is a journey through the psychedelia of the humble beginnings of rock music.

Inspired by the works of the legendary rock band, The Doors, Misty Waters will take you to a genus loci where you can plunge into the gutbucket of authentic South African music.

“I think people resist freedom because they are afraid of the unknown. But it’s ironic… That unknown was once very well known. It’s where our souls belong.” – Jim Morrison

Line Up

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  • Spoegwolf
  • Fokofpolisiekar
  • Albert Frost
  • Taxi Violence
  • The Black Cat Bones
  • Straatligkinders
  • Sean Koch
  • Tidal Waves
  • Hellcats
  • Saarkie
  • Adelle Nqeto
  • Jerry & the Bandits
  • Basson Laubscher & the Violent Free Peace
  • Wolfgang Marrow
  • Don’t Poke the Bear
  • Raygun Royale
  • Earl Grey & Croquet
  • Deon Bakkes & the Stolen Horses
  • ShutUp! It’s Sunday
  • The Lebowski
  • Monkeys In Boots
  • Warongx
  • Emile Swiegers
  • Zebra
  • Kings of Improg
  • Black Water

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