Paul Bothner Music Gives Teenage Musicians The Edge

Playing music in a band offers teenagers a fun, mind expanding activity, with the added advantages of making friends and developing cooperative social skills. It’s a lifetime’s worth of enrichment that no TV or video game can match. Thanks to a new program offered by Paul Bothner Music called “The Edge”, teenage musicians are being offered the opportunity to improve on their playing skills while working with other teenagers under the guidance of experienced musicians in a safe setting.


Paul Bothner Music puts young musicians together in groups according to their instrument, level of playing skill and their musical taste, provides a place to rehearse and a musical “coach” to help them get their playing skills up to live performance standards. After rehearsing one night a week for four weeks, musicians enrolled in The Edge program get to play a concert for their family and friends at a local venue.

The Plumstead branch of Paul Bothner Music is already recruiting musicians for its next session of The Edge. “We believe we can bring a great opportunity to all the young musicians in the area who would like to improve on their playing skills and get to a point where they’re confident enough to play live in a band. In keeping with our company motto of being about more than just musical instruments, we’re interested in becoming a musical activity center for the entire community. We’ve had great success with a similar program called Weekend Warriors which is aimed at bringing ex-musicians out of retirement and back on stage. The Edge looks set to be as successful with the younger crowd.” – Carel van Heerden, Retail Director.

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Anyone wanting to find out more about The Edge and other programs, can contact Paul Bothner Music, at (021) 761 4828.

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