The Cort AD Series – Your First Steel String Acoustic Guitar

The AD series is Cort’s longest standing range of acoustic guitars. Defined by superb performance and value for money, the AD series puts an express focus on offering solid performance for beginners and hobbyists alike, while still ensuring an experience that will serve the player for years to come.

From the small-statured AD Mini, to the beautiful inlays of the AD880, there is an AD guitar to suit players of all kinds.

Let’s take a look at the AD range and help you find your first steel string acoustic guitar.

The Cort AD Mini

Available in both a Spruce and Mahogany version, the AD Mini is a 3/4 size guitar designed to be incredibly portable, and offer a more comfortable playing experience to smaller individuals.

Both wood options offer a warm, full-bodied sound, and the open pore finish not only enhances the resonance of the wood, but also reduces the weight of the guitar for improved playability

The Cort AD810

Possibly the most popular acoustic guitar on sale today, the Cort AD810 strikes a perfect balance between quality and affordability for players of all ages and skill levels.

A warm, open sounding Spruce top is combined with Mahogany back & sides which provide brightness and a strong midrange.

The model is available in three separate variations:

The AD810 OP

The AD810 OP is the base variant in the range, named for it’s open pore finish.

It offers a standard dreadnought body shape without a cutaway, in the standard 6-string format.

The AD810E OP

The AD810E OP is identical to the base variant, with the addition of a CE304T  pickup. This makes the guitar semi-acoustic, allowing one to plug it in and play through an amp or PA system.

The CE304T offers a 3-band Equalizer as well as a built-in tuner for tonal control and convenience

The AD810-12E OP

The AD810-12E OP varies further from the AD810E, with a stich to a 12-string design.

12 string guitars offer a different soun d signature, and the AD810-12E OP is a great option for your first 12-string guitar.

The Cort AD880CE

The Cort AD880CE is a step up in quality and feel from the AD810. The same woods are used for construction, with the addition of a beautiful Tiger Acryl rosette which lines the body, a high gloss finish on the Spruce Top, and a Cutaway which allows for easy access to the higher frets.

The AD880CE includes the CE304T pickup as standard.

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