The Boss GT Multi-Effects Pedal For You

Roland subsidiary Boss have been the pioneers of multi-effects guitar pedal units for almost three decades. In 1995 they released the GT-3 which for the first time included their ground-breaking COSM amp modelling system. In true Roland and Boss fashion, this started a long train of development and releases which led to the GT series that is available today.

With options catering for everyone from the bedroom hero to the studio/stage veteran, it’s hard to argue with going Boss for your multi-effects needs.

But with five models across the range, the decision really becomes “*which* Boss GT multi-effects pedal is right for you?”.

With this question in mind, we’re going to break down the range, and make some common use-case suggestions to help you make your decision.

The Boss GT-100

Let’s start off with the GT-100. Boss’ former flagship multi-effects has been around since 2012 and is, to this day, positioned as a powerful, effects-laden, and customizable unit. Including the latest version of COSM amp modelling, a looper, and critically, a great array of footswitches to easily switch between banks and sounds in a live setting.

This positions the GT-100 as an excellent option for those looking to perform live easily with their own well-crafted presets, without having to make the leap to the flagship GT-1000.

The Boss GT-1 and GT-1B

The GT-1 (also available as the bass guitar focused GT-1B) was released in 2016 and is a unique offering in the lineup.

When Boss released the GT-1 and GT-1B, they delivered a true dual-purpose option. The small form-factor and ease of use (not to mention the attractive price) attracted beginner and intermediate players everywhere; while the sound engine (slightly stripped back, but largely similar to the GT-100) absolutely blew professionals away. Today these small units are found at the feet of some of the most successful players in the world.

This positions the GT-1 and GT-1B as excellent options for players looking for excellent tone in a small package, and aren’t too concerned about complex sound switching during performances.

The Boss GT-1000

The GT-1000 is Boss’s most advanced multi-effects pedal to date. Incorporating the latest AIRD modelling system, an ultra-fast DSP engine, 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating-point processing, and 96 kHz sampling rate throughout, the processing power, tones, effects and customizability of the GT-1000 are truly in a league of their own. Professionals of absolutely any will find and have found the GT-1000 to be more than capable of replacing the largest effect pedal and amp collections in a single unit.

The Boss GT-1000 is positioned as the ultimate all-in-one workstation for players looking for premium tone, performance, and customization.

The Boss GT-1000CORE

A compact unit, with absolutely all the internal sound processing of the flagship unit, the Boss GT-1000CORE is a guitar/bass multi-effects pedal that works equally as well as an all-in-one processor for playing live and in the studio.

With the same form factor as the Boss 500 Series pedals, flexible I/O, and deep control support, it’ll also be right at home at the core of any rig.

The GT-1000CORE is positioned as the perfect small form-factor alternative to the GT-1000, to either be thrown in a gig bag as a stand-alone solution, or the be the center of a wider set of analog pedals.

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