Tama Stagestar 5-Piece Drum Kit

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | January 9, 2018

Tama Stagesta

If you’ve been playing the drums for a few years, and if you’re still using your first drum kit, then you’re probably at the point where you’re thinking of upgrading to something new. If so, the Tama Stagestar is the perfect next step in your musical journey.

Many drummers start off with a simple entry level kit. The kind of kit that comes with entry-level cymbals and hardware. Over time they slowly start to replace some of the peripherals that came with the kit. They get a better drum throne, a nice kick drum, maybe even a few cymbals. But once that’s all been done, they are left with awesome peripherals and an underperforming kit.

Drums all have their own tone, and entry-level kits are only good for so long. After a while, as your ear develops, you will start to notice that your kit might not sound as good as kits on recordings. Sure, some studio magic goes into making recordings sound better, but editing can only help a little. The natural tone of your kit is still the first, and most important, thing to get right.

The Tama Stagestar sounds as good as it looks, and is the perfect upgrade for the student who wants a real drum kit, and not just a toy.

The Stagestar features slightly smaller than usual shells. Many jazz drummers love the tone of smaller shells, but this kit is not limited to jazz. The smaller shells are a perfect solution to anyone who is on the road with their band. Smaller, and lighter shells make carrying and transporting this kit a breeze. Live in a small space? Then you should also consider the Tama Swingstar drum kit.

If you’re interested in the Tama Stagestar, then check the availability and specs at our online store.


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