.strandberg* Guitars Now Available in South Africa


.strandberg* guitars have finally come to South Africa and they’re amazing!

In past decade or two, the idea of ergonomic guitars has taken root. More and more players are considering their playing in a more holistic manner. This means that they are considering their posture, and how a guitar feels against the body.

Traditional guitars are flawed in many ways. To some people, those flaws are what makes a guitar great. That is why so many players like the 50-hertz buzz from single-coil pickups. However, there has always been a large portion of players who want to next best thing. .strandberg* guitars fill that niche perfectly.

“I had been fawning over the idea of one for years and now that I’ve actually gotten the opportunity to try it out I’ve got to admit it performs better than I had originally expected, each feature synergises so well for a playing experience that is really comfortable, balanced and most importantly fun. I am absolutely enamoured and definitely see a few more of these machines in my future, much to [the dismay of my wallet.]” – Chad Browne

So, what makes them great?

The Neck

The neck of the .strandberg* guitars is unlike anything else on the market. The patent-pending Endure Neck allows for your wrist to stay relaxed no matter where on the fretboard you are playing. It might look odd, but the guitar is very easy to get used to. There’s no learning curb to climb, from the moment you fret your first note you’ll fully realise how much more comfortable you are. It’s the kind of thing you have to play to believe.

Besides the Endure neck, the frets are fanned. This means that the guitar has multiple scale-lengths, making it even more comfortable to play.

Weight and Balance

These guitars look like something from an scy-fy movie, but they have been built with the utmost care, with special attention being paid to the guitars ergonomics. By removing the headstock of the guitar .strandberg* guitars are not top heavy. The various cut-aways allow for a variety of sitting positions, meaning that the guitar can be comfortably held no matter what sitting position you prefer.

The guitars are also as light-weight as they can be. This means that you’ll be able to play with it longer before you start to feel fatigued. Do you play cover shows for 2 to 3 hours at a time? Then you really should consider your back and get a .strandberg*.

Propriety Hardware

.strandberg* guitars don’t use the same old hardware that you might have come to expect from guitars. Instead, they use their own hardware. The hardware is one of the elements that add to the unique tone of these guitars.

The hardware has been crafted from aircraft aluminium; so not only is it lightweight, it’s also incredibly strong.

A limited amount of .strandberg* guitars are available in SA, so if you would like to book a demo, let us know. 

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