Start Your Drumming Journey – The Alesis Debut Kit

Alesis have a long-standing reputation for building electronic drumkits that walk an excellent line of price-to-performance.

With the newly released Debut Kit, they have continued this tradition by providing the ideal beginners electric kit. Small in stature, and with a box that includes absolutely everything you need to start playing, the Alesis Debut Kit is an excellent option for your first drumkit!

Let’s take a closer look at what is has on offer!

Everything You Need To Start Drumming Now

This is no toy – the Debut Kit comes with absolutely everything you need to start drumming right away. First, there are the drums themselves – Four 6” adjustable mesh-head drums that feel great without any of the noise that comes with rubber e-drum pads. Each one of the three included cymbals boasts a large 10” playing surface so you never miss a beat. The Kick drum and Hi-Hat are controlled by responsive foot pedals that can be rolled up and put away while not in use and the adjustable drum throne and headphones provide comfort for players of all ages. They’ve even included a pairof drum sticks!

Electronic Drums That Sound Great

The included sound module features 10 classic and modern sounding drum kit presets, custom designed by Alesis. These kits contain 120 individual drum sounds and utilize Intelligent Dynamic Articulation™ technology to provide incredibly realistic sound and playability. The sound module can be connected to an external sound system or amplifier using stereo ¼” outputs, or you can plug in your headphones for truly quiet and private practice. 

The Debut Kit’s sound module also features an integrated drum coach, including 30 play-along tracks, as well as specially designed rhythmic exercises to help build and improve your skills. Plus, there is an ⅛” aux input that enables you to jam out to your favorite tunes from your phone or tablet.

Sharpen Your Skills With Melodics

Alesis has included 60 free lessons with Melodics for your PC or tablet! Melodics™ is an app that helps you improve your timing, expand your drumming vocabulary, and makes practicing with your Alesis Drums fun and effective. Melodics lessons get you playing right away and provides instant feedback so you know exactly what to work on for next time. Melodics is the best way to build your musical skills.

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