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What does SoundHouse do?

The emphasis of SoundHouse is on educating children musically, with very user-friendly technology. This approach ensures that by the end of a short course each student has written at least one song or musical piece. The course requires no musical background and is suitable for all ages.

We facilitate school groups, birthday parties, special weekend courses and school holiday sessions.

What does SoundHouse offer?

  • Top Class facilities, with fully equipped music workstations
  • Qualified and experienced facilitators
  • A fun and easy way to create music

Music Meets Technology

Students learn how to control music software, using one of the most convenient formats available – loop editing. A loop is a short segment of music that can be played repeatedly, or joined together with other parts to create a song. Each set of loops represents a particular portion of the song, as in the chorus or verse. These loops are available for many software applications, and students learn to use them in either Cubase or GarageBand. Each workstation is also equipped with a MIDI controller keyboard and a microphone, so that students can add their own ideas over the loops and create something truly their own.


The SoundHouse concept was developed in Australia, by visionary music educators at the Victorian Arts Centre, in Melbourne and the Powerhouse Museum. In 1998, SoundHouse was established in Observatory, South Africa, close to Groote Schuur hospital. This is the first SoundHouse outside of Australia. It’s been a leader and catalyst in the initialization and development of other music technology education venues. We’ve also helped to establish exciting facilities, like SoundHouse, in Durban and Johannesburg.

SoundHouse is still affiliated to the University of Cape Town, the Western Cape Education Department and various music industries. How do we power this drive? We’re sponsored by the National Lotteries Distribution Board and Paul Bothner Music.

For more information on SoundHouse or to book a course click [HERE] to go to the SoundHouse website.

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