Songwriting and Arrangements – Guidelines to live by for the Worship Team

Have you ever wanted to know how to write a gospel song? Maybe you’ve tried a few times and just never worked out the hook, or couldn’t quite get it there. Or are you already writing gospel songs, but feel you could still learn a little bit more to elevate your writing to the next level?

Then this free Ministry Month workshop is ideal for you! Join Chris van Zyl from The Bay Christian Family Church as he guides you through the basics of gospel songwriting.

What to Expect

This workshop is aimed at new songwriters and songwriters who want to understand the mechanics of music better. During the workshop Chris will touch on:

  • How to begin      
  • Chord Structure              
  • Song Structure                
  • Melody                        
  • Lyrics        

The Details

Where: Paul Bothner Music Somerset West
Shop 16, Checkers Centre
c/o Main & Gordons Street
Somerset West
When: 18 May 2019
Time: 12 pm
Cost: FREE

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More about the Chris van Zyl

Chris is a full-time Worship Leader at The Bay Christian Family Church and specialised in audio production.

Chris specialises in working with Worship teams and musicians to get the optimal sound out of their gear. Chris has worked on albums and worked with musicians locally and internationally known, being a session musician, instrument technician, studio engineer or consultant.