Korg Mini Kaoss Pad MK2


Welcome the mini kaoss pad 2! In addition to inheriting powerful effect programs from the KAOSS PAD KP3 and the KAOSS PAD QUAD, it provides an MP3 player with adjustable pitch, making the mini kaoss pad 2 unit ideal for creating DJ-Style performances. Use it as a DJ playback device, or use it to process the entire output of your DJ rig with Korg’s famous KAOSS effects. Instrumentalists, guitarists, sound designers and even just music fans will enjoy using the mini kaoss pad 2.The Organic Electroluminescent (OEL) display provides superb visibility. Add to that a touch slider for ease of use, microSD card data saving, plus a built-in speaker and mic.
All of these features reflect the enhancements incorporated into the sleek and exciting mini kaoss pad 2

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– Control effects in real time using the intuitive touchpad interface
– 100 effect programs, ideal for DJ mixes or sound design
– Powerful Looper, Vinyl Break, and Ducking Comp effects borrowed from the KAOSS PAD QUAD
– FX RELEASE applies a natural “tail” to the effect sound
– 3 Program Memories provide instant recall of favorite effects
– Use the “Hold” feature to memorize a position on the touchpad
– Built-in Auto BPM detection
– Internal mic plus external audio inputs
– MP3 player with microSD card slot for data storage/exchange;Perform on the mini KAOSS PAD 2 without needing any other equipment!
– Support for pitch change and cue point settings allows serious DJ play.
– Record your performances
– 6 preset loops for use as audio demos sample
– Easy-to-read screen uses high-visibility organic EL (OEL) display
– VALUE slider allows smooth parameter control
– Battery operation and built-in speaker for on-the-go enjoyment