Yamaha MX61 Music Synthesizer – 61-Key – Black


The Yamaha MX61 synthesizer/controller rocks more than 1000 killer MOTIF XS sounds, a class-compliant USB audio/MIDI interface, and deep controller integration with your favorite computer and iOS music software, including Yamaha’s new FM Essential iOS synth app. With MX61, you don’t have to sacrifice sound and playability for portability. The keys are full-size and velocity sensitive. Bring this lightweight, compact synth/controller to the studio or a gig and deploy its potent patch arsenal. From amazing acoustic pianos, EPs, strings, and drums to evolving 8-element synth textures, the MX puts it all right at your fingertips.

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Yamaha MX61 Synthesizer/Controller at a Glance:
Yamaha VCM FX engine onboard
16-part multitimbral, 128-note polyphony
Real-time hands-on control over DAW and VSTs
Included music production suite
Yamaha VCM FX engine onboard
In addition to a massive MOTIF XS soundbank, MX61 is equipped with Yamaha’s VCM FX engine, which meticulously models vintage effects at the circuit level. EQs, phasers, flangers, wah-wahs, and more are all on the menu here, letting you instantly tap into the coveted sounds of the 1970s.

16-part multitimbral, 128-note polyphony
Your MX61 is 16-part multitimbral and spec’d with 128-note polyphony. Electronic musicians know how critical this is. These features let you build up dense sequences and play them without fear of dreaded note-stealing or sounds cutting off. This makes the MX an ideal tone generation solution for onstage performance and live playback of MIDI tracks off your DAW.

Real-time hands-on control over DAW and VSTs
The MX’s top panel is equipped with solid, great-feeling knobs and buttons for real-time hands-on control over its internal sounds, external VST instruments, and DAW parameters. The streamlined interface lets you quickly find, edit, and store your sounds onboard. The MX61 comes with template editor software, so you can customize the interface to your preferences. There are advanced integration templates for most popular DAWs, and when used with Cubase, an AI knob lets you control any parameter with the MX’s large rotary encoder simply by mousing over it.

Included music production suite
Yamaha’s MX series ships with a complete music production software suite that includes Steinberg Cubase AI. Cubase AI gives you 64 MIDI tracks, 48 audio tracks, built-in VST effects, and even notation, so you can build complete productions with just the MX and Cubase AI. The MX61 also comes with Steinberg Prologue and Yamaha’s YC-3B organ emulation to get you rolling.

Yamaha MX61 Synthesizer/Controller Features:
61 full-size velocity-sensitive keys
FM Essential expands your sonic arsenal
Free iOS FM synthesizer app with drum loops, FX, and more
Class compliant USB audio/MIDI for plug-and-play connectivity
Yamaha’s powerful MOTIF sound engine:
Layer, zone, cycle, switch, randomize, and control up to 8 elements per voice
VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling)
Re-creates the sound and behavior of vintage signal processors and FX
128-note polyphony for dropout-free live performance or with full 16-track sequences
Damper Resonance DSP models grand piano sound with dampers off the strings
Record/play back stereo audio and 16 channels of MIDI
With a single USB cable and no external devices
DAW Remote controls transport, mixer, and software instruments from the MX top panel
USB-to-device port for connection of USB flash drives for loading and storing data
1/8″ aux line input for connection of tablets and mobile devices
Auto power off shuts down after period of inactivity, saving energy
Bundled software: Cubase AI, Steinberg Prologue, Yamaha YC-3B