Sennhesier RS1208 Wireless Stereo Headphones


Enjoy your favorite music in private with the Sennheiser RS 120-8. You can easily connect the base station to your sound system via a high-quality audio cable, after which you can enjoy your music throughout your house via infrared.

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    Sennheiser RS 120-8: listen freely
    With the Sennheiser RS 120-8 you always listen to your favorite music completely free, without letting other people enjoy it. You can easily connect the base station of these headphones to your sound system by means of the included high-quality audio cable, after which you can hear your music crystal clear with the headphones wirelessly up to 90 meters from the station. When you have finished listening, place the headphones back on the base station and the batteries in the headphones automatically charge again so that you can enjoy every time.

    Also suitable for TVs
    Because the base station of the headphones can be connected to your TV with an audio cable, there is practically no delay. This allows you to comfortably watch TV and hear the sound at the same time as it is playing on the TV. When someone talks, you don’t see their lips moving before you hear that person. This way, you can always intensely enjoy the best films, series or football matches without affecting the rest of your household.