Mackie MC-450 Professional Open-Back Headphones

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MC-450 Professional Open-Back Headphones deliver top-level performance, presentation, and comfort for the most discerning listener. Perfect for critical listening and mixing, the open-back design provides an ultra-wide soundstage and incredible clarity that translates every detail in your music without sounding harsh or artificial. Premium construction with real leather headband and earpads make them incredibly comfortable and easy on the eyes as well. And with a rugged design, included 1/4″ adapter, and detachable cables, they are also the perfect choice for the audiophile on the go. Experience the Mackie studio sound with the MC-450 Professional Open-Back Headphones.

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    Experience the clarity of open-back headphones:
    – Experience the signature Mackie studio sound in headphones that reveal every detail
    – High-headroom, reference-quality 42mm transducers provide an accurate reproduction of your mix and your music
    – Open-back design offers a wider soundstage, smooth midrange, and exceptional detail resolution

    Professional Design:
    – Premium leather adjustable headband and memory foam ear pads provide an ergonomic fit for hours of comfort while ensuring optimal low-end and sound isolation
    – Rugged design is built to last and meet the demands of professionals in the studio or on location
    – Perfect for mixing, studio recording, critical listening, and personal listening