Squier Paranormal Offset Telecaster in Surf Green

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The Squier Paranormal Offset Telecaster merges two of Fender’s most famous guitar designs together. With the distinctive offset body shape of the renowned Jazzmaster, this stunning instrument is appointed with the electronics and hardware from a Telecaster – forming a unique and classy hybrid guitar!

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Solid Construction
Squier’s Paranormal Series Offset Tele features a beautiful Okoume body; a slightly unconventional tonewood that offers a full and harmonically-rich tone with a stunning grain to boot. This balanced-sounding material serves as an excellent foundation for the spanky single-coil pickups.

Joined with a bolt-on Maple neck, this wood brings in some crisp top-end that offers a fast and snappy response. Fitted with ‘Narrow Tall’ frets, the playability of this guitar is simply sublime, with its slim “C”-shaped neck profile sure to appeal to modern players and traditionalists alike.

Fender-Designed Alnico Single-Coils
The Squier Paranormal Offet Telecaster comes equipped with a pair of Fender-designed alnico single-coils. With these hot yet versatile pickups, you can expect classic Tele tones that are perfect for country, blues and indie rock. Their definition and clarity will allow your playing nuances to shine gloriously through almost any guitar amplifier!

Key Features
Telecaster components
Offset body shape
Fender-Designed alnico single-coil pickups
String-through-body bridge
Chrome hardware