JACKSON Monarkh SC JS22 Electric Guitar Tobacco Burst Finish

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With distinctive looks, aggressive tone, and impressive playability, the Jackson JS22 Single Cut solidbody electric guitar has classic Jackson appeal at a great price. The high-output ceramic humbucking pickups sound intense and can easily take your amplifier from clean sounds to metal territory. Expect many years of reliable playability, thanks to the graphite-reinforced neck with compound-radius fretboard. Learn to play longer runs across more of the neck, with the contour cut heel for easier fret access.

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    Aggressive tone delivered by ceramic-magnet humbucking pickups
    The Jackson JS22 Single Cut packs a pair of ceramic humbucking pickups and can deliver a wide tonal range. Pickups with ceramic magnets are popular in heavier music styles due to their high output, exceptional clarity, and wide frequency response. That also makes them perfect for most other styles too, giving you a robust guitar signal for further sculpting with pedals and your amplifier’s tone controls.

    Plays fast across the entire fretboard
    As your playing speeds up, the Jackson JS22 Single Cut won’t get in your way. The compound-radius fretboard is rounder near the nut for easier chords, and it flattens out as you move up the neck for faster melodic playing. And you’ll find it’s comfortable to play up to the highest frets, thanks to the contour cut heel that helps you transition to the highest registers on the fretboard.

    Sturdy neck that’s built to last
    Your guitar’s neck takes a lot of abuse, between your playing and the constant string tension. The Jackson JS22 Single Cut boasts a graphite-reinforced maple neck, designed to resist twisting and warping over the years.