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The Fender Player Series is effectively the replacement of their Mexican-made Standard range. The same basic formula applies; legendary Fender design, classic wood combinations and instantly recognisable tone, but at a wallet-friendly price point. But with the Player Series, Fender have made a number of tweaks to take these instruments up a notch, aimed squarely at an ever-changing and increasingly demanding market. Expect timeless Fender sound and feel, but with modern playability and workhorse reliability to boot!

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    Body & Neck
    As with many of their solid-body instruments, Fender have opted for an Alder body for the Player Series Jaguar. Known for being lightweight but tonally resonant, it’s balanced in every sense of the word. Its sound is often described as rich, with some emphasis on upper-midrange brightness, and its weight and density means it’s an easy instrument to harness, whether on-stage or in the studio.

    Maple and Pau Ferro is used for the neck and fretboard respectively. This combination, coupled with the Alder body, ensures a pronounced and colourful midrange with plenty of sparkling presence. This makes the Jaguar ideal for leads, cleans and chordal playing in any musical style. The use of a satin finish and C-shape neck configuration means that you’ll be as comfortable as can be; whether it’s a quick jam or an all-day session, you’ll feel right at home on the Player Jaguar’s neck.

    Electronics & Hardware
    Arguably the most significant difference with this model is the use of a humbucker in the bridge; Jaguar’s traditionally have two single-coil pickups. Fender have carefully tuned this humbucker to retain the signature spank you’ve come to expect, while offering a deeper resonance to suit contemporary styles. They’ve kept a single-coil in the neck position, which perfectly complements the rich tone of the Alder body. One of the Jaguar’s standout selling points has always been its advanced switching. A 3-way pickup selector offers a vast tonal palette to play with; use pickups individually or combined, and use the Phase Switch to shift the tonal emphasis completely. The fun never ends!

    A six-saddle vintage-style bridge, with a floating tremolo tailpiece, gives you that little bit of extra control – a little vibrato never hurt anybody. Add to the mix a 3-ply pickguard, dual-wing string tree, sealed tuning machines, and you’ve got an instrument that’s simultaneously professional, affordable and a whole lotta fun!