Fender Player Series Mustang Bass – PJ – Aged Natural

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While it may not be as iconic as the Precision or Jazz basses, the Mustang Bass has become a model beloved by many for its short scale length, unique body shape, and tone. This Mustang Bass is part of Fender’s affordable Player series, staying true to its legacy as a great quality, yet accessible bass.

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Short Scale
The main feature that separates the Mustang Bass from its Precision and Jazz counterparts is the 30″ scale length (distance between the bridge and nut). This short scale results in a lower string tension making it easier to fret and bend notes. This is great for beginner bassists or guitarists who want a bass in their arsenal but don’t like the longer neck and tighter strings of a 34″ scale bass.

More experienced bassists should also consider a short scale bass, not just for the difference in feel, but the difference in tone. With shorter and looser strings you end up with a more pronounced low end and less highs. It sounds weird but a short scale bass actually gives you a bassier sound!

P/J Pickups
Unlike the original models from the 1960s, this Mustang Bass has a Precision-style split-coil pickup in the middle position and a Jazz-style single-coil pickup in the bridge position. The P-Bass pickup provides that classic warm, woody bass tone and the J-Bass pickup provides a bright, articulate sound with plenty of funky attack. With the 3-way toggle you can select either pickup or both in combination for the best of both worlds! This makes the Mustang Bass versatile enough to handle a wide range of styles.