Alesis Stealth Kick Trigger Pack


This pack consists of an stealth kick II and a Pro X kick pedal.

StealthKick 2 is the compact kick trigger solution. The low-profile design integrates easily into any type of new or existing percussion rig. The rugged metal chassis is equipped with non-skid traction tape that helps keep your StealthKick 2 in place, minimizing crawl. The inverted beater transfers your pedal stroke at full power.

With the Pro X Kick pedal, you get a professional bass drum pedal built for rock-solid performance. Whether you play an acoustic or electronic set, the Pro X Kick pedal is loaded with heavy-duty adjustable components, making it the right choice for every drummer and the perfect addition to any drumset.

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Alesis StealthKick bass drum pad/pedal at a Glance:

  • Works with most electronic drum kits
  • Big time flexibility
  • Built to be kicked around

Works with most electronic drum kits

If you’re purchasing an electronic kit that doesn’t have a kick pedal (and most don’t), here’s the solution. The Alesis StealthKick plugs right into your controller, and voila – instant kick drum!

Big time flexibility

The Alesis StealthKick fits into small spaces, gives you wide dynamic range, and works with many kits and modules. And it’s affordable. What’s not to like?

Built to be kicked around

With its metal chassis, high-impact beater, and robust pedal, the Alesis StealthKick is built to have the daylights kicked out of it. Go ahead – give it your best shot.

Alesis StealthKick bass drum pad/pedal Features:

  • Compact, low-noise bass drum pad and pedal
  • Low-profile trigger pad fits into small spaces in any drum setup
  • Wide dynamic range for musical expression at any velocity
  • Rugged metal chassis for durability and
  • Comes complete with chain-drive ProKick pedal
  • High-impact polymer beater for long life and no wearing down
  • Industry-standard piezoelectric triggering technology
  • Standard 1/4-inch cable connection for universal connectivity
  • Works with works on modules that have trigger inputs