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  • Clearance Sale

    Clearance Sale (23)

    Our Clearance Sale selection lets you choose from a selection of display models, end-of-range, and scratch & dent items. Buying a used guitar, drum kit, or piano on…
  • Music Student Deals

    Music Student Deals (90)

    Paul Bothner Music has a long history of involvement in promoting music education, not just at schools, but throughout the community. From support of various music development projects…
  • Guitar & Bass

    Guitar & Bass (706)

    Shop online for a huge range of guitar brands and models. From electric, acoustic, and classical guitars, to bass guitars, amplifiers, and guitar effects, you'll find what you…
  • Drums & Percussion

    Drums & Percussion (538)

    Drumming, along with percussion is perhaps one of the oldest forms of music and instruments. In the last century or so, drums have become the crux and backbone…
  • Keys & Pianos

    Keys & Pianos (98)

    When it comes to the world of music, piano and and keys have long been a constant. And with technological advances in the last 30-40 years, the piano…
  • Orchestral Instruments

    Orchestral Instruments (53)

    The Orchestral category is one that encompasses various classical type instruments. Such include brass and woodwind like trumpets and clarinets. As well as various percussion instruments made specifically…
  • DJ & Beat Production

    DJ & Beat Production (42)

    The world of beat production and DJ equipment has come a long way over the years.  A transition from full analogue to a world with electronic elements is…
  • Live Sound

    Live Sound (246)

    There is always some form of gear needed and required to run and perform a successful show. The scale and type of show will of course dictate the…
  • Studio & Recording

    Studio & Recording (192)

    The setting up of a studio is one that requires a number of different components. Even a small home studio will require the same basic elements of a…
  • Headphones

    Headphones (42)

    Headphones have come a long way since their creation almost a century ago. However, we are lucky enough to be living in what could be considered the Golden…
  • Home Audio & Video

    Home Audio & Video (13)

    Not only do we at Paul Bothner specialise in music instrument gear, but we also carry a range of various home audio and video products. These include various…
  • Gifts & Lifestyle

    Gifts & Lifestyle (22)

    Find the perfect gift for your musician friend or family from our online store. Or, spoil yourself with a whole bunch of musical instrument related gift and lifestyle…