Set for the Sky Releases New Single “Reanimate”

Set for the Sky Releases New Single “Reanimate”

In need of new rock tunes as your playlist is getting a bit repetitive? Well, we’ve got some great news to share! One of Cape Town’s favourite local rock bands (and hopefully yours as well) is out with yet another single!

Set for the Sky has recently released their single titled “Reanimate” late in February 2020.

“This one has been in the works for a really long time and we're so excited to finally share it with you, and hear your thoughts!”

With poetic lyrics including, “When the earth went mad; All the people turned bad; Captured by the fire in the morning rise; I can feel the choke; Building deep within my throat; The thirst and the pride; And the wonderfully dried”, it’s no wonder the song is already so popular among fellow metal enthusiasts.

Listen to the new single:​

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About Set for the Sky

Set For The Sky is an experienced Cape Town-based alternative rock band, focused on theatrical, high-energy performances and have played over 80 shows in locations across South Africa.

With a sound catering to fans of rock, hardcore, and progressive music, Set for the Sky strive for high-quality in their sound. The same quality applies to their electric live performances. At all times they demonstrate their international standards; not just in their music but in their professional attitudes.

Set For The Sky have been gigging actively since the beginning of 2013. The Cape Town band’s debut album was released in 2015, where three of the songs became video singles. These include “The Secret Season”, “Fire Fire”, and “Live Like You’re On Fire”.

The band continues to grow in the South African and international markets.

Band Members

  • James Roberts (vocals)
  • Alex von Gossler (drums)
  • Trent Richardson (bass)
  • Jeandre Viljoen (bass guitar/producer)

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