Roland VAD – Uncannily Acoustic In Every Way

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We’ve partnered with Roland for their Just Beat It campaign in the month of August 2022 to bring you the best prices on Roland V-Drums you’ll see all year.

Roland, with their V-Drums lineup, have been unrivalled leaders in the world of electronic drums for decades. Iconic sample libraries, unmatched responsiveness, and premium build quality has effectively set them apart from any competition in the high-end electronic percussion space.

From the TD-1, all the way to the flagship TD-50 series, when you purchase a Roland drum kit, there is no room for questioning quality. They do it right, every time.

Recently Roland released the latest iteration of their V-Drums lineup; the V-Drums Acoustic Design – or VAD.

They have blended the physical presence and experience of an acoustic drum kit with their digital percussion technology. Full size cymbals, premium wood shells, beautiful wraps, and chrome hardware the feeling is uncannily acoustic in every way.

Let’s take a look at the VAD lineup!

The VAD706

To put it simply, the VAD706 is the best electronic drum kit in the world today. Roland have paired their flagship TD-50X module with a complement of 5 full size drum shells, 2 crashes, a digital ride, and a digital hi-hat.

The Prismatic Sound Modeling in the TD-50X makes electronic drums come to life like no other system can, infusing multi-layer samples recorded in world-class studios with sophisticated behavior modeling techniques refined over more than two decades. Precision multi-sensors in the digital snare, ride, and hi-hat pads work in complete harmony with the TD-50X module, capturing every nuance with incredible definition and detail.

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The VAD506

Complete with a full width and diameter 5-piece wooden shell pack, a TD-27 Drum Module, and a full complement of cymbals which a 12″ V-Hi-Hat, 14″ and 16″ crashes (both with thin profiles and textured finishes), and an 18″ ride, for superior playability and natural appearance on stage.

The Snare and Ride are fully digital, connected to the TD-27 module via USB cables, they work together with the sound engine to deliver the most natural expression, allowing your drumming skills to be heard in incredible detail.

The VAD503

The 503 is simply a streamlined version of the VAD506, with a 4-piece shell pack, and a smaller complement of cymbals, including 12″ V-Hi-Hat, 14″ crash (with thin profile and textured finish), and an 18″ ride.

The VAD306

The space-saving option, with shallow-depth shells and a TD-17 module.

The VAD306 maintains the acoustic aesthetic of the series while being purposefully compact by way of cut down shallow shells. Adding to the simplicity is the switch from the TD-27 module to the TD-17 module. This retains Roland’s legendary electronic percussion technology in a simplified form.

The VAD103

Streamlined and Affordable Drum Kit with Shallow-Depth Acoustic-Style Shells

As the entry point to the V-Drums Acoustic Design series, the VAD103 is the affordable all-digital kit that captures the vibe and feel of a traditional acoustic set, complete with shallow-depth wood drum shells.

The VAD103 further simplifies things with the switch to a TD-07 module with 25 preset kits, 25 user kits, and 143 instruments

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