Roland TD-1KV Drum Kit

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | April 26, 2017

Roland V-Drums are the next step in the evolution of drummers. The Roland TD-1KV Drum Kit is perfect for beginners and intermediate players who are looking to go digital.

What is one of the biggest problems when it comes to practising the drums? In a nutshell, the biggest issue is noise pollution. Becuase of this, drummers have traditionally had two options: either make the neighbours angry or practice when the sun is up. The Roland TD-1KV Drum Kit, however, allows for near-silent practice.

In addition, the Roland TD-1KV Drum Kit also has an array of features that an acoustic drumkit could never have. Don’t like the sound of the drum you’re using? Change to a different patch. Need to get to practice in a hurry? Just fold the stand up and carry the kit in one trip.

15 Built-In Kits

The Roland TD-1KV Drum Kit has 15 different drumkits programmed into the module. This will allow you to play just about any style of music with just the touch of a button.

This means that you can go from Rock to Jazz to RnB in the same set. Additionally, you will have the authentic tone that each of these genres requires. A traditional drummer would either need to make due with one kit, or in extreme cases, own multiple kits.

Training Functions

To keep you motivated and to keep practice fun, there are a few training functions on the Roland TD-1KV Drum Kit. Think of the kit as your own personal drum coach. It is ideal for players who are teaching themselves or for players who want to keep their skills polished.

The coach mode will help you to build stamina, accuracy and speed. The metronome will help you to stay in time by providing a solid click-track.

In Conclusion

Overall, this is the perfect option for new to intermediate drummers or drummers who are noise conscious. The kit is lightweight and easy to carry around. For all the specs on the kit, [click here].


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